Info  Value 
Cap 110
Races EU & CH
Server Files VSRO Files.
Skills All Working.
Pets All working.
Item Mall Fully working.
Emblem Working.
CTF Enabled.
Battle Arena Enabled
Fortress Hotan FW.
Advanced elixir Enabled.
Max Opt. +16 (ADV)
CH Mastery 330
CTF Limit 1
Battle Arena 1
FW Limit 1
PVP Limit 1
JOB Limit 1
Guild Limit 24


Info  Rate 
EXP 300x
PT EXP 350x
ITEM 30x
JOB 5x


Info  Delay 
Exchange 40 sec
Stall 60 seconds
Logout & Restart 20 seconds
Global Chat 60 seconds
Reverse(JOB MODE) 60 seconds
Berserk 20 seconds

We fully understand how hard it is to start your journey in the leveling up, so we devided to add some worthy items to help you. You will start with free boost items to help you in the leveling up journey, use them wisely.

Item  Value 
Gold 1,000,000
Skill Point 100,000
Return Scroll 20x
Reverse Scroll 11x
HP 1000x
MP 1000x
Inventory 3 pages
Pick Pet 3 Days.
Devil 5%

How to obtain SOX items?
Why would we change silkroad sox system if we want original gaming experience? we kept the original methods of obtaining sox which is;

  • 10D Sun: Drop from all monsters Lv 90~105
  • 11D Nova: Drop from all monsters Lv 104~110
  • Egy A Weapon: From completing FGW talismans.
  • Egy A Shield: Dropping from the FGW boss monster.
  • Egy Armor: From killing job uniques and collecting its coins.
  • Egy Accessories: Can be purchased with arena coins.

? Silk Per Hour .
We said before we don't want a pay2play server, so we decided to add silk per hour beside the automatic events, so you can get much silks without any donation! you will get 1 silk every hour.

Capture The Flag
WE adjusted capture the flag rewards to make more players interesting to join and have a good time. You can get much useful items like;

  • Reverse Scrolls
  • Global Chat
  • Elixirs
  • Angel Wing Avatar
  • 30 Arena Coin


Honor Buff
People were complaining about the original Honor Buff system that we had in the previous opening, so we are thrilled to announce our new Honor Buff system.
1. Honor buff can be obtained from Battle Arena, Unique
Each kill = 1 honor | 40 point daily limit

Job Room
To make job more intense and interesting for all players, and to make it more enjoyable. We added a new 6 rooms which will be spawning Jupiter Uniques, to enter these rooms you must equip your job suit. Shall the eternal battle begin.
What's special in these rooms?
Well, each unique will drop a certain fair amount of arena coins. Also, it will drop a fair amount of silk 50~150, the spawn time of each unique is 3 hours. So with estimation, there will be a unique appearing every 50 minutes!


Job Temple
In the previous server, we haven't touched the Uniques int the Job Temple, but, we thought maybe we can add interesting drops so people may be interested to enter it and have more fun.
Killing the Job Temple Uniques will now drop you 5 immortal stones each beside the regular coins.


Regular Jobbing
Regular Jobbing is when you deliver trade, help deliver trade or steal one and deliver it safely to the thieves zone. After a successful delivery you will receive a fair amount of iron coins.
Those iron coins are used to purchase a stunning items from the special NPC located at Alex


We adjusted the alchemy just like old times, its kinda fun, interesting and a bit hard. From plus (1) to plus (5) its a bit normal just like ISRO, plus (6/7) has 100% success rate, plus (8) is kinda hard 20% success rate, plus (9/10/11) has 100% success rate, the last 2 pluses (12/13) is the hard challenge.


Chinese Balancing
We added passive skill to all weapons masteries, you can open it at Lv 110. It gives you enough power to fight against the European race. Remember that you can open one passive skill even if you're playing dual.

Uniques & Drops
To make it a bit challenging for the players we added some interesting drops to all uniques starting from Tiger Girl and ending with Medusa.

  • All uniques normal drops (Reverse / Global / Immortal Stones).
  • ROC drops 8x (100) silk scroll / (8) Immortal Stones.
  • Medusa drops 8x (100) silk scroll / (8) Immortal Stones.
  • HWT Uniques drops ( Gold coins / Silver Coins / Immortal Stones / Global ).
  • Job Temple Uniques drops ( 5 Immortal stones / Gold, Silver & Iron Coins).
  • Jupiter Uniques drops (25 Arena coins / 50~150 Silk).

  • Battle Arena starts every 1 hours [Winner = 15 A.C / Lose = 7 A.C].
  • You can teleport to Alex from Lv 1.
  • Added over 20 new avatars at item mall.


Arabian Uniques
You can now find Arabian uniques all over the map [INT & STR] they drop [Reverse Scrolls / Globals / Immortal Stones].


Arabian Uniques Quest
You can find the Quest NPC near to storage, you can obtain each quest [DAILY] it gives you Gold Coins/ Silver Coins / Immortals / (100) silk scroll. Both STR & INT players can obtain the quest since the uniques are INT & STR.