1 -
No negative or derogatory behavior directed towards other members. Regardless of your age, we ask that you try and be mature and set a good example for gamers on the server.
2 -
Racist remarks or comments will result in an immediate permanent ban from the server.
3 -
No cheating, hacking, glitching, scripts etc. Keep the game play fair and fun for everyone.
4 -
Advertising other servers is prohibited.
5 -
Challenging DuckRoad and its admins can result in removal from the server via temporary ban.
6 -
Impersonation of a server admin or DuckRoad employee will result in being permanently banned from the server.
7 -
Any player banned during an DuckRoad events will be disqualified from winning any prizes for that event.
8 -
Selling or buying Silk or Items for real money will lead both accounts to permanent account ban.
9 -
Protect your information and never share your username or password with anyone, because if you lost your items we cannot interfere in this matter, we only interfere if the problem occurred is from our server side, otherwise we cannot help in this matter.
10 -
Insulting, swearing or making a racial jokes in global chat will lead you to global chat restriction for 4 days.
11 -
Tracing traders or thieves with normal character is not allowed and will lead your account to a 7 days ban.
12 -
Boting at uniques area 24/7 is not allowed, you can move your bots to the unique spot once he appear only.
13 -
We have Pin system for extra security, you must use it to protect your account, if you got stolen we will not back any items because it will be your fault.
14 -
Don't ask us to back your items if a friend scammed you, don't share your items with anyone. WE WILL NOT INTERFERE.
15 -
Cheating at job or farming honor points, will lead your character to job experience reset and honor removal, next time you will get account ban.
16 -
Using any software to farm arena coins, whether you are afk or not, it will lead your character to all coins removal. Please play fair.
17 -
Spreading false rumours, negativity or encouraging players to leave, will lead you to permanent PC ban..
18 -
Please take care of your items, make sure to use immortal stone to avoid it getting destroyed and disappear, since we are not going to back any destroyed items to anyone..